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50 Superb Examples Of Typography Works

Yes, that’s another article about typography. Why you may ask? Well, because this is one of my favorite topic. I think that typography has played a major role in everything that’s related to communication. Starting from the beginning of civilizations, going to world war I and II when they used big scary fonts on propaganda flyers and all the way to our days when you can see clean an beautiful typefaces used by companies such as Apple, all the human emotions can be described by fonts.

Alphabet Soup

By Dylan Van Loggerenberg

Marco Borsato 3 Dimensies

By Mister Three

The Kabel Font

By Mathias Nösel

Monument Magazine

By Michael Schepis

Killoton Typeface

By Anthony Neil Dart


By Jorge Lawerta


By superfried



By Andrew Walsh

I Love DIN

By Two Points


By Brothers Moore

Soma show

By Andy Smith

Computer Arts Magazine

By Steven Bonner

Silky Szeto

By Silky Szeto


By Jordan Metcalf

Various typographic works byAndy Smith

 Various illustrations by Gloom Illuminati



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