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50 Free and Useful Water Textures

Water textures are useful in creating 2D and 3D designs, for photo manipulation or even as a background for websites. The textures that you will find in this post include water surface textures, ripples, water droplets, and many more. I hope you will find this collection useful and inspirational.

1. Iced Water Texture


2. Blue Theme Water Texture


3. Ocean Water


4. Iced Water With Water Bubbles


5. Big Water Bubble


6. Dirty Water


7. Pond Water Texture 1


8. Pond Water Texture 2


9. Pond Water Texture 3


10. Lotus Pond


11. Gushing Blue Water Texture


12. Water Sparkles Texture


13. Turquoise Waves Texture


14. Pool Water


15. 6 High Resolution Texture Packs


16. Water And Ice


17. Drop Star Dust Texture


18. Fountain Water


19. Water By Armathor


20. Water Play


21. Sky Like Water


22. Water Texture By Green Eyezz


23. Sandy Water


24. Beach Sand Water ripple


25. Water Texture By Grace Stock


26. Water Texture By Katty Watty


27. Stock Water Texture


28. Fountain Water


29. Sparkles On Water


30. 15 Water Textures


31. Water Bubbles


32. Neat and Clean


33. Clean Water On Mud


34. Greenery Shadow


35. Black Water


36. Coral Sea


37. Water Drops On Big Leaf


38. Cuba Gallery Photo 1


39. Cuba Gallery Photo 2


40. Sea Shore Water


41. Milky White Water


42. Yellow ssub


43. Under Ground Water Bubbles


44. Snowy Water


45. Water Textures By Iceytina


46. Heavy Water Drop


47. Blue Tint Clean Water


48. Large Water Bubbles


49. Pool Water 2


50. Greeny Clean Water


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