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5 Winning Money Making Tips for a Freelance Designer

The role of a graphic designer is important as images present the first allure to readers when they come across any content. Freelance designer jobs are among the sought, and not everyone can become one. It is definitely not enough to get just a credible online graphic editor; after all, having a database of images is not enough if there is no expert to keep an eye on quality control.

Being a good designer means that you have a great experience. However, once you enter the freelance market, the rules can be totally different from what you may have faced while working in a company. So, where to start and how to behave one you decide to work for your own and choose what to do and whom to work with all by yourself?

  1. Determine the task details

You cannot earn the respect of clients if you have a poor understanding of your subject matter. You need to understand how design applies to specific themes and topics. When you meet a client, your first point of interest must be to understand the reason for the image requested.

Having got a grasp of what a client wants, you are in a better position to provide suggested concepts that fit the bill. If you fail to understand what the client wants, you stand a chance to end up with rejection and poor ratings.


2. Design Options

To succeed as a freelance graphic designer, you need to be exposed to a wide range of ideas. When you collaborate with other designers and constantly update your skills, you will become a better professional.  As you deepen your understanding of your turf, you will become more adept in what you do.

If you have already got this experience, try your best to explain your decisions in design with a simple and understandable language without any professional slang. You want to explain your client why you consider this and that the best solution, not to show how experienced and cool you are.

A client might have little or no idea about the best design options, but, if you suggest 2 or 3 possible leads, you would make a difference. A client will have more confidence in a proactive freelance graphic designer than an amateur. You also stand a chance to win a returning client when you impress with a first impression


3. Present Your Portfolio

When new entrants to the design field are undergoing tutelage, they need some basic tips. To make a success of your online freelance graphic design career, you have to provide your work portfolio. When evidence of your prior projects is available for reviews, then you have a better chance to land a client.

No matter how colorful your pitch might be, without any sample of what you have done, you might be on a poor footing. For newbies who do not have prior clients, they can highlight academic projects completed along with other imaginative pieces.  In most online freelance platforms, not having a portfolio or work samples to showcase your know-how can be counter-productive.

4. Get a Website

In this age, websites provide a window to the outside world for most professionals. Having a website for your freelance designing business will give you some mileage. While a website does not guarantee that you will have clients, it can be a persuasive element.

A website is cheap to build with the variety of simple website builders that are available online. As a designer, you might be able to build one for yourself within a few days. If this looks like a tall order, you can get a website from an online platform like Ning at low cost. You just need to upload your work samples, add your contact details, and your website will be up and running.

If you add a mix of SEO and social media promotion to your self-promotion efforts, you have a better chance to make your website count. Many people go online to look for professionals and experts in all fields of human endeavor, and you must maximize this window.


5. Don’t Play Cheap

If you are keen to make money, you need to know what to bill your clients, and how best to do so. Since an increasing count of professionals now work remotely across the globe, you need to know the going rate for your skills. For many freelance designers, using a freelance site means earning peanuts.

If you use freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer or Crowdspring, you can rapidly accumulate reviews. The bright spot here is that as you amass reviews, you have a chance to earn more. Clients want to pay as little as possible, but, many would offer more pay to a proven designer.

In learning how to become a graphic designerof note, you should also push to get paid decently for your skills. There is a better sense of fulfillment, self-worth, and joy when you are properly remunerated for your hard work.


As the digital age accelerates, the demand for freelance designers will continue to increase.  In this regard, you stand a chance to make money with your skills in the online freelancing space and beyond.


Bogdan is the founder of Top Design Magazine. You can find him in Bucharest-Romania so next time you want to drink a beer there and talk about web and stuff, give him a message.