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5 ways to improve Magento 2 Checkout

You might like these ways as much as we do for the checkout efficiency in our store.

The post is about how to make a good Magento 2 checkout page, so you will intuitively motivate customers to complete the purchase.

Basically, it’s simple and easy with the Fire Checkout module.

This is the extension famous for its proven effect on a fast and seamless checkout process. We consider it the fastest Magento 2 checkout module, as well as the best in improving the checkout page usability. The module has a wide range of features that extend Magento 2 functionality. And here, we’d like to mention some of them.

These features build the right ways to improve Magento 2 checkout. Then let’s go step by step.

Build the abundantly clear checkout design

The FireCheckout is a quick way to build a checkout layout that will suit any type of store. See the options you can choose to improve the design of your checkout page.

– 5 checkout layouts: 1 Column (Multistep Wizard), 1 Column (Expanded), 2 Columns (Wide Payment and Shipping sections), 2 Columns (Payment and Shipping sections placed side by side), 3 Columns. Read more about The difference between Magento 2 checkout page layouts and How to Use Them.

– 4 page layouts: default checkout layout, the layout with no header and footer, the Minimal layout with the header and store logo, and the Full 1-column layout with the header, navigation, footer.

– 2 modes for checkout fields: Horizontal (Label is aside of the field), Basic (without the label above the checkout field), Compact (Multiple fields per row).

There is also an ability to change the position of the Place Order button, the Order review, and the Terms and Conditions sections. And when it comes to the FireCheckout module, it allows for choosing the amazing theme for the checkout page layout. There is information in the next paragraph.

Help users checkout smoothly via visual clues

The FireCheckout module provides a variety of customizations. That way you will impact the user checkout behavior in different ways.

– 4 checkout page themes: Default, Light, Midnight, Round.

– Ability to add sticky order summary block. That helps users to double the number of items while keeping the cart content within eyeshot.

– Ability to choose between the labels and placeholders in checkout fields.

– Ability to show error notifications and other notices directly at the checkout. That will prevent users from typing the wrong data, and help them to fill in the field faster.

– Ability to add a progress indicator. That shows exactly at what stage of the checkout process your customers are.

The visual understandable interface is important both for desktop and mobile users. Start creating the best mobile checkout experience.

Optimize Magento 2 checkout for mobile customers

When designing the checkout page for mobile devices, some FireCheckout options will come in handy.

– Ability to use the page layout without a header.

– Ability to hide non-required checkout fields or any useless checkout section. With the FireCheckout module, you can also set the dependencies between fields. You can show or hide some field when the other field values match some condition chosen by the user before.

– Ability to change the size of some fields to make your content look nice on tablets, and smartphones.

– The “Allows redirecting to the checkout page after Add to Cart action” option allows for skipping the shopping cart page.

– Ability to display a badge on top of the shopping cart with a number of items. Users can simply tap the icon and see the cart content without being redirected to the shopping cart page.

To learn more on how to improve Magento 2 checkout for mobile users, please look at other ideas.

One of the very important points for mobile checkout is the integration with secure payment methods. With the FireCheckout, you can provide users with popular and convenient payment methods. The module developers provide the integrations for free. Keep reading to know more.

Offer the trustworthy payment methods

The FireCheckout module is famous for its compatibility with third-party modules and themes.

– Support of trustworthy payment providers. Safe checkout impacts your store credibility.

– Support of most popular shipping providers. That enables a fast delivery, and hence, a positive user experience in your store. With the module, you can set the shipping method by default or even hide methods if a single method is available only.

– Compatibility with brilliant Magento 2 themes such as Argento, Porto, and so on.

And to make a summary of ways you can use to improve the checkout, let’s mention other checkout features that come in the FireCheckout package.

Simplify the user behavior during the checkout

Here you will see the list of built-in modules and features essential both for your customers and store owners who want to track the checkout efficiency then.

– Address suggestion and autofill via the Address Autocomplete module.

– 5 checkout registration modes: Default mode (No changes to Magento logic), Guest checkout, Optional registration at checkout page, Required registration at checkout page, Automatic registration in the background.

– Ability to attach required files to the order directly at checkout via the Order Attachments module.

– Ability to add checkout address fields via Address Field Manager.

– Integration with Google Analytics.

– Ability to show a Payment Methods Chooser or any other content in the Intro popup.

– Ability to choose a delivery date and time via the Delivery Date module.

– GeoIP Autodetection of customer address.

It would be nice to discover many more available features on the FireCheckout website.

We are not gonna stop you right here. Go to the module page and look.


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