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5 Of The Highest Paying Tech-Related Jobs

As the field of technology and its related businesses continue to grow, more and more higher-paying opportunities are coming to the forefront. These days, you can even earn six figure salaries through many different types of jobs in the tech industry. Take a look at these five different tech jobs below, each offering a nice chunk of change in exchange for your services.

Information Security Engineer

As technology continues to be a source of great innovation and income, the need for cybersecurity to be increased also rises. Information security engineers are a sort of virtual security guard, protecting the assets and data of their company from being hacked or otherwise compromised. It would be their job to detect and close any gaps in the company’s security network, as well as strengthening the encryption of important information.

Product Designer

If you’re looking for product design jobs chicago has to offer, you’ll also be looking at an average salary in the six figures department. As a product designer, you’re essentially a jack-of-all-trades within the office. You’ll collaborate with teams of managers, researchers, engineers, and designers as part of a team yourself. You’ll likely be working on prototypes, mock-ups, and storyboards. You may even end up interacting directly with customers to gather information about their experiences with your company’s products. This way, the company will know what is working and what needs improvement.

Marketing Manager

This is a great opportunity for people who have a degree or experience in marketing. Marketing has always been a key point of importance for every company. These days, with how pervasive social media and other technological platforms have become, marketing is almost always tied into the digital frontier in some way. As a marketing manager, it is your job to oversee the marketing efforts of your company. This means you’ll likely be looking over a marketing team, coming up with solutions to any problems that they or your parent company or clients may have.

Software Architect

As a software architect, it’s your job to work on the software for your company. Since software is often the groundwork for other projects, this can be a very responsibility-heavy position, since the work of other teams may depend on how quickly and efficiently you get your portion of the job done. In addition to the planning and strategizing for new software, you may also be tasked with improving software left behind by predecessors that need to be optimized, cleaned up, and streamlined.

Software Engineering Manager

As a manager, this job requires not only technical skills, but also interpersonal skills that can allow you to handle conflict within your team. You will need to think quickly, problem solve on your toes, and be ready to defuse situations before they escalate. As a software engineering manager, your team will usually be researching, testing, and developing software that the company will use.

No matter what your skill set is or where your interests may lie, the field of technology is wide open and has a whole plethora of interesting and well-paying jobs that you can take a look at.


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