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5 best design templates for writing blog

5 best design templates for writing blog

It is the 21stcentury and some of the activities that were initially treated as talents are now generating income. Blogging is one such activity that is today a platform for sharing gossip and serious news with the rest of the world. Custom essay writing has revolutionized blogging into an income generating activity for the modern day writer. Do you want to start a social media account? You need to get a lot of followers and one trick is to do what others are doing: buy cheap instagram followers. Do you want to be a blogger? Prepare to have the most informative, entertaining, and credible information on your blog. Besides, invest your energy and resources on the best photography. Third, and probably the most important, choose one of the five templates that will be detailed here to make your blog appealing and worth reading.

Most people have heard about wordpress because it is the most common template for the development of blogs. Others are comfortable with Umda, Tumblr, Mashable, and blogger because of the different benefits derived from each template. In custom writing, the interest of the client heralds the decision making process. Even though over 100 templates are available, the clientele needs will always determine the one which best suits the context.


            For beginners who need a free platform to launch their blogging career, you can consider Tumblr. It offers the professional feel while giving users a little taste of Twitter and WordPress combined. This template is mostly recommended to users who prefer using mobile applications to read blogs. Therefore, the writer and the reader can converse freely in the comments section while receiving real time notifications to facilitate these interactions. Tumblr templates come in multiple designs depending on the content. The platform is user friendly, easy to edit, and offers a capability for the writer to share information using a uniquely designed background that suits the content. Another advantage of Tumblr is its distinct intersection with other social networking platforms. Of course, you can easily link Tumblr to the other social networking platforms with ease in comparison to the remaining blogging templates. For this reason, you should be careful about the content shared on Tumblr because you can mistakenly click a tool that redirects you to Facebook or Instagram depending on your preference. 

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            Some people may have never heard about Umda but they do not know what they are missing. Umda is known for its capability to use the cookies capabilities to introduce context. As a result, one does not have to worry about the generation of content. The cookies will automatically generate the history of various searches and incorporate them in the template. This template offers a user the opportunity to experience the autonomy that he or she deserves. It means that you can publish content and build a platform that meets your unique needs. Umda tests your creativity standards while making you realize that you have the power to build a website. Therefore, a professional outlook to information is provided through Umda. The template is highly effective for businesses because an innovative user can find multiple links and demos to find projects and the business proposals of their choice.



            At least one in every three college students in the modern society has heard about wordpress. This is the most commonly used blogging template, which offers directives about the building of the site and content development. Consequently, each professional blogger started from somewhere and do not be surprised to realize that wordpress was the beginning of their success. This makes WordPress the most popular blogging template globally. Several customer writing services use the template to complete assignments for various clients because of its free nature and ease of maintenance. It takes at least 15 minutes to keep the site running and a single click of the link or will provide you with rights of blogging through the platform. Besides the power to blog, you will have your site customized to meet the unique needs and own the site even though paid accounts provide a user with the power to advertise on wordpress. WordPress equally has inexhaustible demos, tutorials, and themes for users, which makes it one of the favorite templates for beginners.



            In the past, blogging was particularly used for sharing news and entertainment. Things are changing rapidly and older platforms such as Blogger are easily replaced by paid templates. Apparently, blogger is free-to-service and it offers different themes. You can get a blogger account by signing in to you Google account and creating a personal site. In a matter of minutes, a blog with a unique user interface including your name and profile picture should be running for the rest of the world to see. The platform is one of the best, but its strictly unpaid capability reduces the interest of serous professional sand business writers because they cannot share adverts through the platform.

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Finally, it would be surprising that some people have never heard of Mashable. Contrary to the traditional approach used by blogger, Mashable has several images and themes that assist in reinforcing communication. Mashable is probably the most organized, yet simple blogging site. The header enables the user to share an image while the first section gives room for sharing new posts. This section applies the small sized thumbnails to the far left. Secondly, a user can document information on the “What’s Rising” section and finally on the “What’s Hot” part. In essence, the guidance and clarity offered to the user further makes the situation easier for the readers. More information about this can be found here.

In summary, you can always spot the best blog post by assessing the ease with which information can be traced on the site. For example I would use Mashable and Blogger any time if I were seeking simplicity and ease in information acquisition. Secondly, ensure that the title of the blog reflects the genuineness of the information shared on the site. Blog posts can be misleading if one only pays attention to the title and neglects other information. Finally, ensure that the blog post has links that can redirect you to other WebPages or additional content at done by Umda.



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