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40+ Black&White Inspiring Logos

Everybody is designing colorful logos but because people are always looking to change things up, they try to invent something new, but that is really hard in these days or they prefer to use old design ideas in a new way.  Mash Creative made 40+ inspiring examples of black and white logos. 

Mash Creative‘s rules when designing logos are as follows:

1. Less is more – Some of the most recosgnised brands in the world use a simple marque or logo type – think how simple the Nike tick/Swoosh is.

2. If in doubt – simplify! (see rule No.1) Strip away anything that may make the logo look fussy or overly complicated.

3. Will the logo remain timeless. A good logo for them should remain timeless, it is all to easy to design to a trend but a logo should have longevity.

4. Scalability – Consider how the logo will look small (on a website for example) and large.

5. If it works in black it should work in any colour.










































Alexandru is the co-owner of TopDesignMag. “If it looks easy, it's hard. If it looks hard, it's impossible. If it looks impossible, it's due tomorrow. At 8 A.M.”