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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Careful When Accepting Guest Posts

Do you know that there are some dangers that are associated with guest posting? Most of the time people focus on the positive side of guest posting but there are some dangers that may be associated with guest posting. In this article I will be dealing with 4 reasons why you must be really careful when accepting guest posting on your site.

Blog identity

Each and every blog has an identity of its own and opening your blog to guest posting can mess up this identity. Indeed your readers will be acquainted to a certain writing style and guest posters may not reflect this. This is one problem that you should be wary of when opening up your blog for guest posting as this can really influence the way your readers view your blog.

 Poor content

Some guest posters are more concerned about the links that they can get instead of focusing on the content quality. As a result you may end up with some articles that are below par and this can again have some negative impact on your site. One way to avoid this will be for you to go through each and every article to check whether the articles are of good quality and this can be quite a time consuming task.

Duplicate content

Despite having a clear guest posting guidelines posted on your site, there will still be guest bloggers that will submit duplicate content on your blog. Indeed accepting duplicate content on your site can cause your site to be penalized by the search engines and thus impacting your search engines ranking. The key here is to make sure that the articles pass Copyscape and this in itself can be quite a time consuming task.

Article Directories

Opening your blog to guest posters can indeed turn your blog into an article directory and this can be quite damaging for your blog reputation. You never know which kind of articles you can get as guest post and accepting each and every post can cause your blog to resemble an article directory in no time. As mentioned above, accepting too many guest posts can turn out to be an alienating factor for your blog readers.

All these problems may have a common impact on your blog- the alienation of your readers. This is why if you are not careful enough you may end up destroying all the hard work that you have done on your blog.

Now it is your time to do the talking? Do you accept guest posts blindly? What are your experiences with guest posting? Please use the comment section to share your own views.


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