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4 Awesome Fake Posters That Illustrate A Note

This are 4 fake posters commisioned by the guys at Almasty (France) to illustrate a note on the possible future 30 years from now, to be featured in Altavia´s 2043 Magazine. Each one represents an imaginary ad for future products, inspired in the 4 different chapters of the note.

Author : Juan Molinet

1 – Insta-Boss

Since everyone will be their own bosses in 2043, this device will turn you into a real one man enterprise in a wink! Just point the device light to you, and it will give you a moustache, a cup of coffee and a tie, plus the capacity to stamp 12.000 documents in just a day of work.

2 – Nanocites

This advert is about technological nano organism that keeps you healthy by working inside your body, assuring a long and free of decease life. They enter the organism by medium of a pill, and replicate inside. They even sing as they cure you!

3 – Skin-o-matic

here will be no more skin separation in 2043, and with this new device, everyone can choose their own skin color, green and pink stripes, dots, slashes… you name it! Just let the epsilon rays of the device touch your skin for a couple of minutes, et voilá! Instant skin color a la carte.

4 – Martian Exclusif Water No. 5

Since it´s difficult to find mineral pure water directly from it´s source in planet earth, the new delicatessen is the Exclusive Water from the reservoires in Mars, discovered in 2032 by chinese astronauts. Exclusive water no. 5 is not only refreshing but the ultimate luxury commodity.


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