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35 Absolutely Gorgeous Wallpapers for Dual-Monitors

Nowadays  many of us have dual monitors because the screen estate is something that we all crave about. One of the best examples is the trend from the smartphone market where the screens are getting bigger and bigger every day. If in the mobile industry means that ergonomic designs are getting less important (see Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One Max or Nokia Lumia 1520) in the pc or more exactly office world, two or three monitors are more than welcomed especially when it comes to web development, web design or photography because the more screen you have, the more productive you will be. In a nutshell, you won’t have to constantly swap between your applications.

I myself have one 27inch Apple Thunderbolt Display which is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for multimedia but when it comes to coding, I tend to miss a secondary display because I love having a portrait monitor, just like in the image below:


Well, but that’s only me. A portrait monitor is great mainly for writing so I don’t recommend you to use this configuration in any other scenarios. That being said, if you have a setup with two monitors, then you should make them look pretty, right? Who wants two big LCDs with an uninteresting wallpaper? It is like have a gorgeous  frame but an ugly painting. So, without any other words, here is a showcase of 35 absolutely gorgeous wallpapers specially made for dual monitors.
6u7c0 - Imgur 9I24w - Imgur AcFkm - Imgur CZ7nS - Imgur dkSGs - Imgur drpBK - Imgur fLdDo - Imgur FSv4Q - Imgur ht8Gp - Imgur jObXe - Imgur jqOde - Imgur k8uNY - Imgur LeGcU - Imgur n2k4N - Imgur NLGPJ - Imgur nLZWS - Imgur o1fZI - Imgur O7CeO - Imgur Oru0K - Imgur OSeSv - Imgur QjYhW - Imgur QNd97 - Imgur RIK9d - Imgur SRNqL - Imgur SUxfs - Imgur SXkXs - Imgur T9yN2 - Imgur tB6RU - Imgur tIHHk - Imgur VtBM8 - Imgur vzq8o - Imgur YNqv1 - Imgur Yw0o4 - Imgur ZfCrt - Imgur


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