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30 Very Creative Business Cards Which Will Amaze You

A business card design is a proof that its owner is careful to details and is interested in promoting his business the right way. Usually, business cards have a standard design, size and details but some of them don’t follow the old classic rules. Why would you want a plain old business card? Choose a creative design if you want to impress, or seek for inspiration in this article because here you’ll find 30 superb examples of business card designs.

Marianne Lock


Rachel Bird

Ziplock Terrarium

Yuri Tamburrini

TV Consultant

Emiland De Cubber

Megan Harrigan

Kleines Schaf


The University Veterinary Hospital

Danielle Abisaab


Credit Counselling Society

Sweet Thrills

Mari Pettersson

Lisa Champ

Wake Up Your Body



Mary Susan Vaughn

Dylan Dylanco

Manchester Media

Che-Wei Wang


Sara Mantle

Meredith Beavans

Counter Creatives


Synthesis Center – Anetta Alexandridi


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