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30 Incredible Photos From National Geographic’s 2011 Photo Contest

National Geographic’s photo contest is one of the most important events related to photography. If you have a photo which you think it’s interesting, then go ahead and submit it. I always find incredible pictures worth sharing so that’s why I can’t stop writing articles about the contest. In this one you can see 30 incredible photos from the first 5 weeks.

Old friends

Photo and caption by Laura Grier

A Peruvian street vendor walks with her llama outside of Cuzco.

Amputee Goalkeeper Makes the Save

Photo and caption by Johnny Vong

He was just a young boy when he had his arm chopped off by a rebel during the brutal civil war in Sierra Leone. He now plays Goalkeeper for the national amputee soccer team in Freetown, Sierra Leone. This photo was taken while working on the documentary Leone Stars (

Perfume Ritual

Photo and caption by Dominique Brand

The Himba Women of northern Namibia perfome daily rituals where by they annoint themselves with a mixture of ochre, oil and ash to protect themselves from the harsh desert climate. They never take a shower, but rather burn aromatic herbs in a pot each morning with which they smoke themselves as if applying perfume.

Havana Rum

Photo and caption by Tobias nagel

While spending time in Cuba I became friends with this waiter in a little street bar in Havanna. Those bars have seldom more to offer than one sort of rum and a cheep brand of cigarettes. On top, they are almost empty during the day and the waiters have a lot of time just watching the world go by.

A Hunter

Photo and caption by Amit Zoran

The Hadzabe people are one of the last groups of hunters-gatherers who still preserve their nomadic way of life. While the women take care of the small kids and gather fruits and roots, the men hunt, using a bow and poisoned arrows. Here, a kid-hunter is stretching before the hunt.

The Lost Battle

Photo and caption by Mohammad Moniruzzaman

A child laborer in a black paint factory in Dhamrai, Bangladesh, wearing a makeshift cloth mask in a worthless effort to protect himself from the hazardous nano-particles. Despite the continuous effort from the journalists and activists, the issue of eliminating child labor seems like a lost battle in Bangladesh.

Yuengling, 2011

Photo and caption by Ashley Kauschinger

This is the first photo that I took of my friend, Robert, when he got back from serving in Afghanistan for one year. He didn’t talk much. We just sat together, and he showed me what he was feeling when I put my camera in front of him. He was humble. He didn’t complain, but only filled the room with his experience of wearing combat boots, and carrying a gun to work everyday. He drinks a lot now, but I guess he always did.

Blue Lagoon

Photo and caption by Maroesjka Lavigne

Blue lagoon, iceland

New Yorker

Photo and caption by Piotr Kako

The picture taken during my first trip to New York


Photo and caption by Maroesjka Lavigne

On a quest to see the Gulfoss waterfall. The weater can be suprising in iceland.

The Golden Gate

Photo and caption by Reuben Cornel

A very different perspective of the golden gate bridge


Photo and caption by Timothy Wright

The awesome power of a tornado displayed in Mapleton, Iowa April 11th, 2011

Natural landcape painting

Photo and caption by Romain Chassagne

The Landmannalaugar is probably one of the most impressive place in Iceland, a popular tourist destination. Located near the volcano Hekla in southern section of Iceland’s highlands. The area displays a number of unusual geological elements, like the multicolored rhyolite mountains. When I took this picture, it was raining and it became worse after. I waited a bit for have people into my composition, in such a landscape to have a notion of scale is important, hence you will find a group of people at the bottom left.

A Peek from the Pouch

Photo and caption by Brent Lukey

A ‘joey’ (baby) Eastern Grey Kangaroo pokes a head out from its mother’s pouch. The baby kangaroo will continue to peek until if feels safe enough to emerge for short periods. After 7 to 10 months it will leave the pouch for the last time

Smooth Billed Anis, Yasuni National Park, Ecuador

Photo and caption by Rebecca Yale

During a very early morning boat ride along the Napo River, a section of the Amazon in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador, I watched this group of smooth billed anis huddle together for warmth in the early morning breeze. Once the sun rises the birds separate, but in the early morning hours it is fun to witness this beautiful display of community.

I’ve got you, babe

Photo and caption by Randall Roberts

A pair of American avocets walk together into a pond after mating.

Harem Leader

Photo and caption by Clay Wilton

An adult male gelada rests in the early morning light after ascending the steep sleeping cliffs of the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia. This male won his right to mate by successfully deposing the old leader. Now he must defend his harem by tending to his females’ needs and fighting off anxious bachelors waiting for their chance to become harem leader.

Summer at granny’s..

Photo and caption by Szabo Eszter

This is a heart-shaped stawberry in the hand of my grandmother.

Tiny Monster

Photo and caption by Kendall Ruth

Up-close it looks more like a cast member of Mosters Inc. but he was discovered among the grasses near the BBQ. This Horned Tomato Worm was inching its way toward a lone tomato plant.

Tattoo Time

Photo and caption by joseph powell

After consideration, a man decides he wants a tattoo on his back and descovers that they do indeed hurt.


Photo and caption by Francisco Little

A farmer visiting Beijing from the countryside pauses to light his pipe with a magnifying glass, proving that clean green solar energy has a myriad of uses! His Mao Dze Dong style suit and cap can still be seen in rural areas of China.

A lifetime…

Photo and caption by Jishnu Changkakoti

The weather-beaten, gnarled hands of a monk in Leh, Ladakh bear testimony to a lifetime of experiences, all spent in the harsh environments of one of the highest plateus in the world.

Mighty Marine

Photo and caption by Staton Rabin

While touring the USS Iwo Jima, a Wasp-class amphibious assault ship that can carry 30 helicopters at a time, I saw this impressive U.S. Marine posted on the flight deck in front of a helicopter. During Hurricane Katrina, the Iwo Jima was one of the ships providing disaster relief and support operations. The ship’s motto is “Uncommon Valor”. My dad, a 92-year-old WW2 army combat veteran, tells me the Marines are “good guys”, and after having met some of them this year, I agree.

Varanasi’s eyes

Photo and caption by Raquel Escudero

The intensity of a city in the eyes and skin of a little girl.


Photo and caption by Sindhu Gollapalli


A moment before Nadal won the final match point at the US Open 2010. I was taking shots through out the night but this shot was the highlight.

Hell of Kawa Ijen

Photo and caption by Benoit BRIAND

Picture taken in the crater of Kawa Ijen in east Java (Indonesia). Workers carry bags of about 80kg on their shoulders from early morning for a very low salary. The smoke, heat and landscape make you feel in the hell.

The Soul Kite

Photo and caption by David Copithorne

I found this young Brazilian boy in the largest favela in Rio De Janeiro. He did not know i was behind him, however he simply laughed with happiness as he flew his kite overtop the rustic hillside of the favela with not a worry in the world.

When it rains is pours in Bangkok

Photo and caption by Matthew Groom

This photo is one i took on a recent trip to Bangkok, the monsoons began, and the midday sun disappeared.

 No Climbing Billy


 Photo and caption by Rae Johnson
Mountain Goats on Mount Evans admire the view of scenic Colorado at 14,130 ft.


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