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30 Hilarious Printed Advertisements

Advertising is the soul of a sale and in order to make that sale, you need a very good ad. It is a simple scheme but unfortunately not many business owners or advertising agencies respect it. In order for an ad to be successful it must be eye catching and creative. If the viewer doesn’t pay more than a few seconds of attention, then you not only spend a sum of money for an useless ad, but also your product will stay on the shelve forever. In this article you can see a collection of 30 extremely well made printed ads which will definitely make you laugh.

Britanico English Institute

1. printed ad

The English you learned listening to rock music isn’t enough.


2. printed ad

The best colors of your life.

Arla – Latte Art

3. printed ad

52nd International Boat Show

4. printed ad

Scripti Notes

5. printed ad

Notes become more than just reminders.

Panasonic Musical Doorbells

6. printed ad

Interruptions are inevitable. At least make them melodious.

Sharpie – Microscopic

7. printed ad

Ultra Fine Point

Surfrider Foundation

8. printed ad

Stop the invasion. Let’s reduce our plastic footprint, the sea is full.

Forbes Magazine

9. printed ad

Real insights from the business world.

Lar Center

10. printed ad

Cheap furniture doesn’t have to look on sale.

Subaru XV

11. printed ad

The car with a soul.

Narayana yoga center

12. printed ad


13. printed ad

Correxion Pen

Farmer cereal bars

14. printed ad

Put to use by parents since 30 years.

Vodafone Salvamont App

15. printed ad

Nove Navigation System

16. printed ad

Discover the unknown.

League Against Cancer

17. printed ad

Sports Field are more dangerous at 12. Use plenty of sunscreen from 11 A.M. to 3 P.M. Avoid skin cancer.


18. printed ad

Volvo xc60. 240 horsepower that turn every uphill into a downhill.


19. printed ad

Live in a State of Play

Samsung Galaxy S3

20. printed ad

Hockey’s back. Stay connected to Canada’s greatest passion with the Samsung Galaxy S III.


21. printed ad

Fighting candies since 1973.

Coffee Ticiana

22. printed ad

Don’t blink.

Zeropolis skateboard shop

23. printed ad

For The Emotionally Strong.

The Bohan Annual Chili Cookoff

24. printed ad

You’ve been warned.

Sony Reader

25. printed ad

An educated person reads one tree of books per year. Switch to e-books.


26. printed ad

In the morning not everything is as easy as breakfast at McDonald’s

The Tinta Awards

27. printed ad

Adopt a dog.

Coral Decora Paint

28. printed ad

Career Builder

29. printed ad

Are you busy not working? It’s time for a change.

Midtown Athletic Club

30. printed ad

Make friends, play tennis.



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