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30 Gorgeous Vintage Packages Which Will Make You Want To Travel In Time And Buy Them

Most of today’s product come in plain and tasteless packages due to the fact that the producers are more interested on how to cut costs rather on how to make something beautiful, and they often use cheap materials such as plastic. Back in the good old days, the marketing was at its beginning so they focused not only on the product itself but also on how it was packed or placed. They used more details, more colors….I don’t know but I think that all the vintage products or packages are more vibrant than the ones from today. What do you think? Check out these 30 great vintage packages and let me know what you think.


Old soaps

J.C. Higgins Shotgun Cleaning Kit No. 2140

Sanka Coffee, 1950’s

Vintage Pins Tin

Snoboy Apple Crate, 1950’s

Scotch Double Stick Tape, 1960’s

Treat Time Mixed Nuts, 1960’s

Pink Camay

Ogden’s St.Julien Tobacco Tin

Alka-Seltzer, 1953



J.G.Dills Best Cub Cut Plug tin ca.1910

Belfast Cut Plug tobacco tin,  ca.1930’s

whitewalls, 1930

Spice Tin


Tom Sawyer Dustless Chalk

Gillette Tech Razor, 1960

Fraisse’s Ferruginous Ampoules

Towle’s Log Cabin Syrup, 1940’s

Cherry Blossom

Hires Root Beer Extract, 1967

Carnation Malted Milk, 1943

Bates office supply


Colgate after shave talc

McDonald’s hamburger

Palmolive Rapid Shave, 1960’s


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