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30 Examples of Very Original Business Card Designs

Every now and then I’m looking for new business card designs because I believe that a business card is one of the most important element of your visual identity. Usually these are pretty simple – black or white with a regular shape, but sometimes designers are getting creative and the results are extraordinary. In this article you can see a collection of daring 30 superb business cards for your inspiration.

Matthew Carbone

Robert Teague

The Highbrow Men’s Grooming Lounge

Fusion Studio

Dane Holmquist

Adam & Eve


Miguel Otero Fuentes

Richard Vrablec


Heidi Mefferd

JukeBox Print




I Am Tiago

TAM Cargo

Bk Design

Lynn Nguyen

Mila Supinskaya


Alexandra Asher Sears

Rosalie Arendsen

Dee Dub’s Plumbing

Disguise the Unworthy

Apathy is Boring

Kissing Kourami

Melinda Hoover

Jennifer Daniel

Debadge Design


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