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30 Examples Of Crazy Designed Websites

They are the outlaws. They are the anarchist. They hate conventional. Ladies and gentlemen, they are the Crazy Designed Website Specie. In a world of rules and regulations, some designers don’t want to obey. They don’t care about all those books that you read about web design and usability, they don’t care about how do you feel when you are seeing their work. They are doing works of art and just like when you are at a museum, it’s you who must understand the painting, not vice versa. In this article I have collected 30 examples of unconventional designs so if you are a stick-to-the-rules type of a person, I think you’d better skip this article. If not, sit back and enjoy some kick-ass designs.



Up and Down Beats

Lucia Soto



Alex Noren

Crealo Design


James Wignall

Web is beautiful

Sylvain Toulouse

Cuban Council: Propaganda on the Agenda


Elliot Lepers

Hundertgrad Kommunikation


Sean O’Brien

Nike Snowboarding

Head2Heart Campaign

Yann Lombard

Careers @ Adlucent

Bärnt & Ärnst

Body Arts Laboratory

Tobias Persson

The True Illusion


Octavo Designs

Free Faces

Jon Montenegro



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