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30 Creative Advertisements Related To Food And Drink

Even with all the internet virals or web-based marketing, printed advertising remains a powerful tool to reach the consumers. When working on a print ad, the designer has a hard job because the final product must communicate the message fast and also to be memorable. Some of the ads are so funny that they are almost become a textual “joke” or an one-frame comedy. In this article you can see 30 examples of this kind of ads, related to food and drink.

Juicy Fruit – There is a much juicier chew

Polo Mint – The mint with the hole

Chichiste – Joke gum…

Marilia Dairy – Goodbye fat. Marília Light

Perfetti Van Melle

Gatorade – Gatorade always wins

GRT Radisson Hotels – Steak & Grill Festival

Nescafé – At Dawn, the best ideas may not seem to be

Saiwa – Fruit A-Porter

Scho-ka-kola – Chases sleep away


Colun – Your kid, without sugar

Mentos – Who had no color, now can have 7 ?

M Milk – Awaken the genius within

Kraft – Get ready for the big cheesy taste

Burger King

Tatra Beer

Nestlé Peters Connoisseur – The finest ingredients arranged by artists

Délifrance – Ready to bake at home

Burgus Burger Bar – Only when you know you are going to win

Candico – A Character of Finesse

Don Limon – Water Balloons

Volvic – Get in Shape with Volvic

Johnnie Walker – Manuscript of Insistence


Mint Z – Improved Chewing Ski

Martell XO – Same Pleasure Since 1715

Florida Chewing Gum


Sal Sol

Café 1820


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