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30 Business Cards With Interesting Designs

Business cards are here to stay even if we have more efficient ways to promote our identity. A business card design is a proof that its owner is careful to details and is interested in promoting his business the right way. Usually, business cards have a standard design, size and details but some of them don’t follow the old classic rules and are so daring that they are rising this type of design to another level. In this article you can see a collection of 30 business cards with some very interesting designs. Nowadays you can create stunning business cards with ease thanks to all the online printing companies so you don’t have any excuse if you don’t have any cards.

Mario Kyprianou

Black Out Hair

PC Med Center

Mission Yoga

Cosmetics and Care

Rachy Mckenzie

Piping Hot


Frederic Tourrou

Natalie Ebnet

Scottish Millionaires

Look. Listen. Smell. Eat.

Chef’s Club

Eva Hsu

Atelier Pall

Systema Syncrétique

Love, The Bus

Levin Tahmaz

Garage Junkies Depot

Bolt Barbers

Absolut Pilates Center

Exit Studio

Jerod Squared

Jessica Scalin

Dane Holmquist

Miguel Otero Fuentes

Heidi Mefferd

Greek Electrician

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