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3 Elegant Booklets Which You Should See

I’m a great fan of booklets, not because I’m a huge buyer, but for looking at their design and analyzing every detail and graphical part that the artist created. Almost all the booklets that I saw seems made in a hurry and you can spot minor or why not, major visual problems on them. If you are planning to release a booklet, keep in mind that it will be like a mirror in front of your business, so you have to ask yourself what would you like to see.

Make it beautiful, elegant and with great attention to details because the client will judge the hell out of it. It doesn’t matter what business you are running or what product you want to promote. Mix these vital ingredients until you got the best result and if it’s necessary, cut down the number of booklets rather the cost of them. Below you can see 3 examples of elegant booklet printing designs from which you can inspire.


Emilio De La Morena

University of Lincoln: Science Dept Prospectus


Bonsai gardening


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