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25 Stunning High Definition Wallpapers

Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that we hadn’t published a wallpaper gallery in a while, so I decided to make one. So, Michael (and everybody else), in this article you can find 25 superb wallpapers related to nature, urban scenes, science and space. I hope you’ll like them.


Photograph by Barbara Motter

Photograph by Michael Nichols

Photograph by John Crippen

Photograph by Neal Lillis

Photograph by James P. Blair

Photograph by Anton Barmettler

Photograph by Jim Richardson

Photograph by Rich Reid

Photograph by Kostadin Luchansky

 Photograph by Joel Gibson

Photograph by Rich Reid

Photograph by Cesar Badilla


 Photograph by Jim Richardson

 Photograph by Laura Diaz Martinez

Photo and caption by David Baker

 Photograph by riverman62

 Photograph by grafzero

Science and Universe

Made by Sudden2

Made by Bigmacbook



Photograph by Paul A. Zahl





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