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25 Great Examples Of HTML5 Power

HTML 5 is the flagship when it comes to web development because you can make some jaw-dropping stuff with it. It is fast, clean and if you combine it with CSS 3, you have a lethal weapon in your hands. You can develop almost anything from video players and all the way to simple interactive games. It is amazing and I really hope more and more web developers will adopt it. When it comes to rich content applications or complex games, I know is not a Flash killer right now but I hope in the future years and with some major development, it will take his place.





Google Box

HTML5 Video Destruction


Cloth Simulation

Canvas Paint

Canvas Gradient(move the mouse to change the color)

Lines go all over the place

Drag and drop

Editable Content

Two videos in sync

Storage events

Some of the examples below works only in Google Chrome Browser

Pong 3D

Interactive Circles

Geoid Viewer

The WebGL Globe

Tron Tank Program

Typographic Effects

Guess What Cup

Fractal Lab

Walking with CSS3


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