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25 Gorgeous Vintage Logos for Inspiration

The logo exists since the very first ideas of selling or making something known. Even if it looked different in various points in history, their purpose was the same: making the product distinctive and popular. Looking back to old logo designs is useful for understanding its evolution and how the advertising industry worked in the past. The main concepts of a great logo design but the way of showing it is different and sometimes hilarious. In this article you can see a collection of 25 gorgeous vintage logo designs that show us both the differences and the similarities between the old type of identity design and the new one.




Illinois Terminal Railroad

Spartanette Tandem

Hilton Hotel Hanky, 1942 – 1954

Camera Man Logo



Peter’s Grill

Superior Metalworking Systems

Citroën BX 19 GT


1918 Ford Model T


CTA Logo

Texas Real Estate News

Vintage Texaco sign

Armour Star


Storkline Furniture

Pan Am

The Redbird Industrial Park

Vintage boxes

Bauer and Black



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