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25 Extremely Well Made Printed Advertisements

Advertising is a controversial industry mainly because most of the commercials are exaggerating or worse, they promote unreal qualities of the product. The thing is that this is happening everywhere so we don’t have to generalize. Between those awful advertisements are those made by talented people or agencies which are a joy to look at. Sure, maybe sometimes they are exaggerating but the high quality of the ad makes the consumer remember the ad and not the benefits of the product. When you, the consumer, do that, then the commercial worked.

Printed advertising came a long road since the early boom from the ’60s; new standards are raised, new rules are implemented and also new habits are being developed by the consumer. In this article you can see a collection of 25 gorgeous advertisements that are very well made.

Full of Good Fruits

Free delivery – 2nd hand furniture

Take a Break from The Usual

Very Soft Bed

Made of More

Prevent Motion Sickness


Just because it works, doesn’t mean it’s fixed.
Volkswagen Genuine Parts.

Apoteket, Sweden’s Pharmacy

Everything Fits Easier

Palmolive Sta-Soft. Love your clothes.

A House Should Smell Like A House

End The Outlet Hunt

Get Rid of Grease

If you can’t have it, build it.

Nexcare Bandages

Dog Spa Course

Do Something New

Your Heart Has Enough Reasons to Suffer

The Importance

Make Room for Precision

Mosquitoes Don’t Like You Anymore

Salon Hair at Home


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