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25 Business Cards Used by Designers and Developers

Business cards are useful even if you are a famous designer or web developer, not just for promoting your brand or business, but also to impress others, because nowadays a business card is more than a show up rather than a way to share contacts. In this article you can see a collection of 25 superb examples of cards used by web designers, graphic designers and web developers. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Thanks to the internet, now you can make business cards from your home comfort; all you have to do is to visit the online printing companies, for fast business card printing and superb prices.

Rose Crescent

Dane Holmquist

Luis Espinosa

Andrew Miller

 Bk Design



Debadge Design

Joe Ewing


Alejandro Giraldo

Virginia Faircloth

Javier Garcia

Charlie Edmiston

Andrew Sithimorada

Charles Valantin

Harlow Web Design


Maxime Archambault


Emma Hopkins

The Lab



Vidar Olufsen


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