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25 awesome examples of package design for electronics

Design is an art. Nobody can teach you how to create a package that will be successful, you need imagination and ingenuity. Below you will find 25 examples of package design that have been made by some very talented people. Honestly, if I had money I would buy these products just for the pleasure of admiring the boxes.


Branding and packaging design for iPhone accessories label.

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac

The new packaging for Microsoft’s Office for Mac 2011 is easy on the eyes for a change


Packaging design for Timex watches, designed by Atlason, a product design studio in Manhattan, United States, on sale at Target stores.

Biodegradable LightBulb Box

Light bulb packaging 100% made from biodegradable materials (paper from egg carton, no ink and zero glue used. Designed by Oliver Meier. He is currently studying in Münster, Westphalia (Germany).


Armormount its a client based on New York – USA. With such a small budget Gworkshop had to redesign the brand and the packages. For this project there were a few limitations such as using the images that the client had .The idea was to let the product be the protagonist of the box by its form and boldness. The color is represented by the main lines of armormount – premium TV mount products.

Gauss LED

Designed by Fastway, Russia.


Tachographs are responsible for collecting data of the path taken by individual vehicle. Considering the main product as the basis of the concept, the packages were developed starting from the drawings found in graphics measurement systems. The lines worked determine points that result in data such as the speedometer is the speed, the rule takes measurements and graphics resulting in data. Therefore, the graphic design for the new packaging is embedded in that universe.

Panasonic Note

Designed by the German agency Scholz & Friends, this packaging was inspired by the shape of a musical note for an effect as effective as simple.

PowerPlus Light

Designed by Jo Van Grinderbeek, Belgium.


“Kapacitet works with the development of the web content management product ‘leap’ and associated consultancy services. Through the software and its use as well as in the visual identity, leap emphasizes softer, more human elements instead of the technical aspect of the product. leap is the new generation of web content management systems, entirely developed on the Microsoft .NET platform.”


Compared to previous clamshell packages, the new executions are more space efficient, have less environmental impact, are easier to open and the usage scenario unfolds in a semantic way.


The perfect mash up of the 3 things you love? Well yes, if designer Aaron Atchison of Feed the Beasts’ new project Mugo, has anything to say about it. Mugo is a USB flash based MP3 player and storage drive wrapped around an urban vinyl skin by acclaimed artists such as: Julie West, Shin Tanaka, Tougui, Yup and Pulco Mayo.

Objectified limited edition

A lovely limited edition packaging solution for Gary Hustwit’s movie Objectified.


Designed by fuseproject

Aiaiai headphones

Unique packaging for Danish headphone brand AIAIAI.


The A-stand is designed to serve a functional and practical need in improving the ergonomic work position at your workstation.


Designed by Colm Keller

The kit contains four parts and these are as follows;

– A digital scrapbook finished in birch wood with porcelain caps.
– A carving knife with laminated steel blade and birch and oak handle.
– A hub for both digital scrapbooks finished in porcelain.
– A carrying envelope finished in grey felt, brown aniline cow leather with birch duffel button and laser cut details.


Designed by Daniel Freytag

Inq Mobile

Designed by INQ Mobile

With the INQ1 box we wanted to create an object of beauty – something to cherish not chuck. All too often, packaging ends up in landfills, or recycling bins at best. While we’d like people to keep it, use it and treasure it.

When we design our handsets we remix and edit internet services so that they play best on a mobile. Similarly, our in-house creative studio, Elmer Zinkhann and Ashley Benigno, remixed the idea of a box and made it into a place to display artwork.


The Courier Collection is a set of premium messenger bags designed for the bike messenger community.  The aim for the packaging was to connect the consumer with a familiar yet sophisticated format that was appropriate for the product it enclosed.  The contrast between the rawness of the “package” motif and the refined details like the string and button tie closure communicates a sense of rugged refinement.


Designed by Andrew Pollak


The dual layered package+sleave makes the soundwave come to life on this multi award winning packaging design for Widex hearing aids released worldwide fall 2007. The soundwave spells the Widex-payoff “igh Definition Hearing”.


jKaczmarek has designed some nice packaing for Sony utilizing an acetate sleeve in a creative and functional fashion.


Designed by ACME Industries

Bell TV

Packaging that brings out a full range of emotions.

Planning a creative strategy based on the concrete advantages Bell TV brings to consumers every day through its varied, entertaining offer. People were chosen to illustrate the range of emotions : surprise, enthusiasm, fear, pleasure, amazement etc.

Creating the new packaging for Bell’s television products, inspired by the completely new Bell brand platform, which takes its tone from simplicity, optimism and a friendly attitude toward clients


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