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25 Awesome Examples Of Extreme Photography

I’m not an extreme sport passionate and when I’m looking at these photos I’m wondering what these people have in mind? Surely nothing related to safety. For example, take a look at the free climbing guys. They are at a dizzy height, with one step closer to an awful death but they still stop and take pictures. They are incredible!

By the way…bodysurfing? That’s crazy.

Bodysurfing the North Shore, Hawaii

Photograph by Ryan Foley, A-Frame

Ice Climbing in Eidfjord, Norway

Photograph by Christian Pondella, Red Bull Content Poo

Jumping the Mount Baker Road Gap, Washington

Photograph by Garrett Grove

Free Soloing in Yosemite National Park

Photograph by Mikey Schaefer, National Geographic

Kayaking La Paz Falls, Costa Rica

Photograph by Lucas Gilman

Surfing Waimea Bay, Hawaii

Photograph by Dave Collyer

Backcountry Skiing, Austria

Photograph and caption by Amin Zavieh

Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge

Photograph by Monica Dalmasso, Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge

BASE Jumping, Utah

Photograph by Michael Clark, Red Bull Content Pool

Annapurna Trail, Nepal

Photograph and caption by Helmut Zhang

Wingsuit Fly off the Eiger

Photograph by Corey Rich, Aurora

Get Airborne in Queenstown

Photograph by Graeme Murray

Ski K2

Photograph by Dave Watson

Free Climb Yosemite’s El Capitan

Photography by Jimmy Chin

Road Bike from Alaska to Argentina

Photograph by Gregg Bleakney

Rock Climbing in Trout Creek, Oregon

Photograph by Jonathan Kingston, Aurora Open

Paragliding Australia

Photograph by Ezra Shaw, Getty Images

Freeriding in Baja, Mexico

Photograph by John Gibson, Red Bull Photofiles

Competing in the Primal Quest Adventure Race

Photograph by Corey Rich, Aurora Photos

Surfing Wamberal, New South Wales, Australia

Photograph by Nathan Smith, Red Bull Illume

Photograph by Adam Kokot, Red Bull Illume

Climbing On the Greek island of Kalymnos

Photograph by Lukasz Warzecha

Aiguille de Midi, French Alps

Photograph by Michel Ya Lu

Davidson Glacier in Alaska

Photograph by Sue Hazlett

Descend Into an Active Volcano

Photograph by Bradley Ambrose



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