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21 Beautiful Postcards From Ukraine

I think most of us never think about spending the holidays in Ukraine because unfortunately its history is closely related to Russia, and it has an image not so popular. That’s very sad because in Ukraine there are a lot of interesting cities and historical sites that you can see, and the people is very friendly. Did you know that the term ukraina means “border region” or “frontier”? In this article you can see a wonderful showcase of 21 postcards from Ukraine. Also, did you know that you can do your own illustrations from home? All you need to do is to find a cheap postcard printing company online and send them your images.

Postcards from Lviv

Cartoon-ish postcards with Ukrainian Cities

The capital of Ukraine

Ukrainian city, which name inUkrainian similar with the word “Lion”.

Ukrainian city older than Rome. A long time ago it called Panticapaeum (in Greek)

The best Ukrainian ski resort.

‘Small Vienna’ in Ukraine. Beautiful architecture and incredible tasty coffe. Best Ukrainian city in 2008.


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