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20 Very Creative Emblem Type Logos For Your Inspiration

A logo is the heart and soul of a business and without it, the brand’s identity will never be memorable. Just like a book, a good logo must tell a story and must stick in the viewer’s mind after the first second. There are many types of logos, such as wordmark, combination marks, iconic logos. I think the last one is the most interesting because usually it contains the most details. An iconic or emblem type logo implements the brand name and a very descriptive image about the business, so you can tell from the start that it is extremely interesting. In this article you can see a collection of  20 very interesting emblem type logos for your inspiration.

Melts & Malts

1. logo design


2. logo design

Oak City Brawlers

3. logo design


4. logo design


5. logo design

EDM City

6. logo design

Gentlemen’s Barber Shop

7. logo design

Comfort Station

8. logo design

Padaria do Vicente

9. logo design

Gemini Lab

10. logo design


11. logo design

The Cookie Lab

12. logo design

Clever Group

13. logo design

Trendy Mandy

14. logo design


15. logo design


16. logo design


17. logo design


18. logo design


19. logo design

Foqus Jongeren Filmfestival

20. logo design


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