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20 Useful jQuery Plugins Every Developer Should Know About

jQuery is a JavaScript library which intends to make it easier for you, a developer, to construct better, feature rich, interactive web sites and user interfaces with as few lines of code as possible. Below you can see 20 useful plugins you should know about.

Creative Radical Web Typography

New FancyMoves Jquery Product Slider

Jquery Space Gallery

Fancy Thumbnail Hover Effect

Jquery Inline Form Validation

Site Switcher


Jquery Tooltip Coda Bubble

Jquery Upload and Crop Image

jQuery Carts

Twitter-like login box

File Download

Polaroid Photo Viewer

jquery Hover Sub Tag Cloud

Graph Visualization

Show/Hide Jquery Panel

Drop Down with CSS and jQuery

Quick & Easy Zooming With jQuery – Zoomy

Horizontal Accordions

Flexible Rating


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