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20 Superb Examples Of Vintage Poster and Ticket Designs

I love vintage design because that’s the fundamentals of today’s advertising industry, so this is why I always post articles about it when I find something interesting. A few days ago I stumbled upon a very cool site specialized on old design and I couldn’t resist to “grab” some great poster printing images from it. In this articles you can see 20 superb examples of vintage artworks and their links to the original articles from

Vintage Orchestra Ticket

The Saturday Evening Post

Fruit Label, Early 1900s

Evening Post covers

1800s Photoback

London Transport Poster 1934

Letterhead from the 1800s

Mickey Mouse cover 1932

Russian Poster from the 1920s

Cigarette Ads,1920s-1950s

Cologne Label, 1868

WWII “Be Quiet” Poster, 1930s

Brookfield Zoo Posters, 1930s

Circus Posters

German Tobacco Ads, Early 1900s

Travel Poster, 1930s


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