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20 Superb Examples Of Logos With Straight Line Designs

As most of our reader knows, I really like logo design because this is the creative person’s ultimate test. If you are able to deliver the message using a simple static message, then you are good.  Good logos are like paintings: you can stare them for hours and you won’t get bored, and that’s why I always try to find and show the most interesting designs. In this article I have collected 20 superb examples of straight lines used in logo design.

Eagle Song Studio

Designed by Gary Chew 

Frame Page

Designed by Hahmo

Miller & Green

Designed by Landor


Designed by H C Wong

Youth Venture

Designed by Troy Hollinger III


Designed byDaniel Peplow


Designed byChopeh

Hilton Construction

Designed by Bart ODell


Designed by Muamer Adilovic


Designed by North Design

W, A and A

Designed by Andi Creffield


Designed by Anthony Lane

Pink Ink

Designed by Mike Erickson


Designed by Xavier Fence

Klöpfer Holzhandel

Designed by Klöpfer Holzhandel

Elle Hive

Designed by Tonfue

Urban Chick

Designed by vidaleGloesener

The Mansion

Designed by Super famous


Designed byRainFall

Wiesinger Music

Designed by Patrik A.


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