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20 Superb Examples Of 3D Render Illustrations

I think 3D renders are very cool so that’s why, once in a while we publish related articles. Maya, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush, all of this tools are used in creating 3D illustrations so this article can be an useful inspiration especially for beginners. So, sit back and check out this 20 superb 3D images made by some very skilled artists.

Everything Beautiful is Far Away

Made by Marek Denko

The Photographer

Made by Rui Cheng

Spider Robot

Made by Adrien Lambert

Poker Master

Made by David Mortilla

Turtle Freedom For Sale

Made by David Ferreira

In Love

Made by Kleber Darcio

Jack Sparrow 3D Render

Made by ZhiHeng Tang

I Am Captain America!

Made by Victor Hugo Queiroz


Made by Pedro Conti


Made by Lee Griggs


Made by Aleksandr Kuskov

Brazil Development

Made by Estúdio Romeu & Julieta

Space worker

Made by Guillaume Tiberghien

Rebuild Japan

Made by Andrew Hickinbottom

Round 2! Ready?

Made by Victor Hugo Queiroz

Here comes a new challenger!

Made by Victor Hugo Queiroz

WanNan Ancient Village

Made by Ren Yu

Flashing Marylin and Elvis

Made by Peter Kolus of Ars Thanea

Turtle Barbarian

Made by Jesse Sandifer

Turtle Tank

Made by Jeroen Backx


Made by Ibrahim Bouchrika

Private Charlie

Made by Daniele Orsetti





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