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20 Real Life Examples of Old School Typography

There’s an expression – oldie but goldie – that defines classic hits but this can easily be applied to everything which is very well made. In this case, I believe that typography ages like a good wine: the older, the better. Old typography is always a pleasure to see, not only for its elegance but also because you see the evolution of our society through it. You can see how advertising, the consumerism and the product itself.

So, in this article you can see a collection of 20 real life examples of vintage typography that reflects exactly what I mean.

Kreis Steinburg

Market Basket Supermarket, 1950

South Euclid Police

Electricidad Viuda de Pedro Fernández

Scotch Recording Tape



Helgi und Sigrun

Glove Rubbers

Schaefer Beer

Shoe Repairs

Albatross and Gullachsen’s

Good Luck


Challenge Machinery Co.

Integrated Circuits

Universum 7 Transistor Radio, 1960’s

Kodachrome II, 1968

Kraft Prepared Mustard, 1940’s

Cicli dei Milano


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