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20 Of The Hottest Tech Startups To Which You Should Send Your CV

I think that everyone would love to work in a tech startup even if the risks are a little bit high a the beginning. The level of enthusiasm, optimism and creativity is so high that as a web developer or web designer, a startup is the right place if you love challenges and hate monotony. A startup is also great for juniors because they will have the opportunity to learn so much in so little time,  and also experience first hand how it feels to invest 100% from what you got in a brand new product.

In this article you will find 20 extremely interesting tech startups from various fields starting with education and all the way to online advertising. These companies are extremely interesting and if you are looking for a job, I suggest you take a look on their job listings, maybe they have something for you.

Are you running a startup? Let us know and we will promote it for you.


Fundly is an easy to use donation platform. Every fundraising page has a video and photo gallery that’s front and center. Add your content from Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook or your computer and create an interactive slideshow to showcase your cause.

Submittable is the best way to accept and review digital content and files.


Guide is team of streaming media pioneers, former TV producers, digital agency founders, award-winning visual storytellers, musicians, and technology startup veterans. We share a passion for the future of media and have come together to help define it for and with the publishing industry.


CakeHealth brings all your health care plans together online so you can easily track your health spending — without the paperwork.


Locu helps local businesses grow. Whether you own a restaurant, hair salon, home remodeling company, or accounting service, we’ll get your business information and offerings in front of more customers — in just a few clicks.


Lore is a community of curious people, spanning every discipline, campus, country, and age. It’s a platform for learning: a new venue for education that allows you to explore.


Muraly is a neat visual collaboration for creative people; it is like an enhanced version of Google Docs. They say Muraly is the easiest way for creative teams to think, imagine and discuss their ideas.


Umbel analyzes billions of audience traits across your properties and devices to match the most valuable segments with the most valuable advertiser leads. Take your Umbel Profile Sheet directly to advertisers and brag about your audience in a way you’ve never been able to.


Freshplum helps you grow your online business by converting more visitors to your website using targeted promotions, engages your visitors to buy before they leave and also to discover new opportunities that you have missed.


Fliptop’s applications use data science to help companies close more sales. Our software combines public web and social data with internal CRM and marketing application data in order to generate sales lift. Our cloud applications provide high return on investment and can be deployed quickly.

Chartio is your data’s interface. It’s simple to set up, easy to use, and provides business intelligence for the world’s most popular data sources.


Chartbeat’s real-time traffic and audience-behavior data shows you who’s on your site and how they’re engaging with your content right now — so you can take action on what matters when it matters.


Swayy helps you discover the most engaging content to share with your audience on social media based on their interests and engagement. By curating a variety of news, blogs, videos, infographics and more – Swayy makes the task of sharing content easy, quick and efficient.

7 has completely changed the game for us regarding customer retention. effectively automates the process of making sure your customers don’t “go cold” and forget about you.


Whether you’re a Google Apps administrator, end-user, or even reselling Google Apps, BetterCloud products and solutions can help you do your job. We believe Google Apps is set to drive the next phase of innovation in the enterprise, and BetterCloud products will help turn that vision into a reality.

Make faster & better decisions to grow your business. Clarity is your lifeline that instantly connects you with battle-tested advice from entrepreneurs. Find and schedule a call in minutes.


SnowShoe is a startup located here in Madison, Wis. They recently developed the SnowShoe Stamp — a piece of hardware used to authenticate smartphone transactions. The applications of this technology are just about limitless and span across many industries.


15Five is based on a simple idea. Have each employee spend 15 minutes a week writing a report that takes their manager no more than 5 minutes to read. We’ve taken that idea to the next level by turning reports into conversations, and making it simple for managers to roll up the most important problems, insights, ideas and success stories.


SendGrid is a cloud-based email service that delivers email on behalf of companies to increase deliverability and improve customer communications. Integration with new or existing email systems is done via SMTP or through a REST API.


Twilio offers developers a powerful API for phone services to make and receive phone calls, and send and receive text messages. Their product allows programmers to more easily integrate various communication methods into their software and programs.


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