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20 Inspirational Logos With Great Typography

A logo acts like politician: looks great, talks a lot, promises a lot and sticks in your mind, so when you see a logo there is a love or hate relation.It it is great then you will remember it and use the product behind its brand whenever you have the opportunity; if it looks awful well, obviously you will go to its competition.

Designing a logo means serious business because it must become an identity and like any other ways of describing what you are selling or doing, you can’t afford having a bad or an ugly visual sign to represent you. Unlike other types of design, a logo requires hours of research and many preliminary versions until the final product.

The designer will play with a lot of fonts, colors and ideas in order to deliver exactly what the client needs but also to accurately describe the brand behind it. After all, this is the purpose of a good logo design: make the user curious and interested on your brand. If a logo doesn’t make your audience notice it, then it is useless. In this article I have collected 20 gorgeous logos which are extremely well made.


20. logo design


19. logo design

The Bayside Buoy

18. logo design

Cornflake Games

17. logo design


16. logo design

Bear & Bone

15. logo design

Your Friend In Lisbon

14. logo design


13. logo design

Fish Codex

12. logo design

Content Dock

11. logo design
Morgan Vanhagen Lawyers

10. logo design

The Marmalade Fish Band

9. logo design


8. logo design

Hope In Hand

7. logo design

Africa IQ

6. logo design


5. logo design

Bzzz Honey

4. logo design

Runway Gourmet

1. logo design

Big Bang

2. logo design


3. logo design


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