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20 Impressive TV Ads

A TV ad is often hated because it comes right in the middle of a great movie or a good show. I always get mad when this happens, not only because of the interruption but also because of the bad ads. I have to wait and watch some very poor ads that I think are made by drunk monkeys. I really wish I can see more clever commercials like these below.

If you can’t watch them all (if it says you need to login), use this account. Please don’t change the password because is just a free account and you really don’t have anything to gain from.

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Hahn Super Dry

Heineken: Perfect Date

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home: Getting to Zero


Lexus: Ben

Toyota: Letter

Cadbury: Share the Joy

Buscompany De Lijn: It’s smarter to travel in groups Femme-o-matic

Otrivin Nasal Spray: Shoe laces

Google Chrome: Dear Sophie

Nike: Republica Popular do Corinthians

Passat: Change Room

Carl’s Jr.: Babysitter

Johnnie Walker: Inspired Insults

Carl’s Jr.: Tattoo

Toyota Yaris: Airport

Dare iced coffee: Family Functions

Airtel: Project G


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