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20 Gorgeous Fonts Which Are Perfect For Designers

On every design related project, choosing the perfect font can make the difference between a great result and a…let’s say not so great result. Typography is vital for getting your message to the reader in the most efficient way, therefore if you really want to make an impact you have to hunt for the best typeface. If in the past you were limited to a handful of pre-installed fonts and a few other ones for which you had to either pay or make a huge effort to get a hold on, nowadays the internet is packed with them. You can find dozens of websites from which you can download your favorite fonts, so your workload is greatly reduced to just a few hours.

As a word of caution, even if you find a font which you believe it fits perfectly into your design, you need to try more than one. You must test various types of fonts, you need to test your design by a bunch of people to volunteer and give you a realistic feedback. Only after many trials and errors you can find the best font that matches your design.

Speaking of best fonts, you can find a lot of them on Kreativ Font, a website packed with handpicked some of the greatest typefaces out there. What I also find interesting is that they also create fonts, which means that they know what are doing and what are choosing to appear on their website. Another interesting feature is their Google Chrome add-on which basically is an useful extension that will present you the latest fonts, the hottest font and deals without going to their website everyday.

So that being said, here is a gorgeous collection of 20 perfect fonts for web designers.


1. font for designers


2. font for designers


3. font for designers


4. font for designers

Azo Sans Uber

5. font for designers


6. font for designers

Gira Sans

7. font for designers


8. font for designers

Only You Icons

9. font for designers

National Currency

10. font for designers

Ship to Shore

11. font for designers

Smart Labels

12. font for designers

Hand Shop Pack

13. font for designers


14. font for designers


15. font for designers


16. font for designers

Fair Sans

17. font for designers


18. font for designers


19. font for designers

Letrista Script

20. font for designers


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