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20 Gorgeous Examples of Buttons Used in Interface Design

For someone who is not a designer, a button design may look unimportant, having only a short role in user interaction. Well, that’s a very wrong belief because the buttons are actually more important than the design itself because they hold the power of navigation. Without logically designed buttons, the user will be lost; he won’t know where’s what and probably he will close the application or if it’s a website, he will go over the competition. A good button design is very hard to make because you need to know extremely well the overall design and you also must be aware that all the buttons must have the same style in that design. In this article you can see a collection of 20 superb examples of buttons used in various interface designs.

Radio fm buttons

Iphone Camera App Ui

BT UI Facelift

Modal Pop-up

Clippers app


Music Player Concept

System login


Very simple mini player

Loading Bar

App Store Button


Wood Switch

Rotating Navigation


Shindig iOS App Drink Check In

Modal Window

Navigation flex

Jamie Oliver’s Recipes


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