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20 Examples Of Infographs That You Don’t See Every Day

I think we all know what an infograph is, and nowadays they are increasingly popular. The bad thing is that almost all of them are becoming boring and very similar. In this article I have collected 20 infographs that are very unique design and also interesting subjects.

Twitter Dots: Mapping all Tweets for a specific Keyword

Twitter Dots translates individual tweets as simple dots on a geographical world map. It is as simple as that. The actual keyword changes each day.

Mapping Android Activations Worldwide

In the war for the next smartphone platform, all weapons are allowed, including some good old mapping captured in a 1080p HD video. The movie created by Google of course, reveals the succession of Android activations worldwide between October 2008 and January 2011.

Visualizing the Airspace in Europe

Transport visualization firm Ito World has taken flight routes drawings to the next level, in particular by adding a detailed level of information in terms of the exact travel altitudes of the tracked airplanes. Red flights are ascending, blue flights are descending.

Poverty Infographic

A two poster series exploring the effect poverty has on education. One poster focuses on who is in poverty and why and the other discusses Colin Powell’s Five Promises and how if children are given the right support and resources they can succeed.

9 Years of Sleep

Dominic Szablewski from PhobosLab has analyzed his sleeping pattern over the past 9 years. The data was collected “on the side” by mIRC, his IRC client of choice.

Visualizing a Security Attack on a VOIP Honeypot Server

With the increase in popularity of VOIP telephony, attacks are becoming more prevalent. The compromise of a VOIP system can cost the victim over $100,000 in real cash.

A Physical Representation of News

From Over Here is a physical representation of news articles from the New York Times dating from 1992 until 2010. Each laser-cut piece of cardboard card represents one month of articles about, or related to, the topic of ‘Ireland’.

Revealing the Total Gross Revenue of Groupon per Deal

A treemap of a highly complex dataset always looks mesmerizing, even when the rectangles seem to have peculiar shapes. The project with the apt title “You’re looking at $480M of Groupon’s gross revenue” by Paul Butler makes true on its promise in the title: based on an internal Groupon memo that was recently released by the Wall Street Journal, it displays the performance of the historical deals at the deal-of-the-day website Groupon for the top 20 cities in the U.S.

US Debt Clock: All the Relevant Statistics in Real-Time

The US Debt Clock shows how the inverse of a visualization can be as compelling and engaging, as it simply lists a huge collection of rattling statistics related to the US debt in real-time without any graphical translation. Not sure if any useful insight can be made, however.

The Role of Colors in Culture: the Interactive Version

The infographic representing the meanings of different colors in different cultures by David McCandless has been featuring the cover of his book Information is Beautiful.

Inspirational Infographic of the Perfect Drink

Fabio Rex, Brazil based illustrator has a sweet collection of infographics about how to make a perfect drink. The simple concept may not fulfill the ideal data/ink ratio but it’s lovely executed and well worth a look.

The 50 Most Popular Typefaces in the World

The poster includes information for each typefaces such as the year it was made, the location and the typographer. Luckily for the symmetry of the visualization, the typefaces are nearly split 50/50 between Europe and the United States.

Social Memories: an Infographic Book of your Facebook Activity

Social Memories is a new Facebook app for those fans of personal infographics and Nicholas Felton-style annual reports. The book is automatically generated from your Facebook data, and includes, next to the obvious photos and status updates, various infographic illustrations of the meaning, relations and priorities in your online social behavior.

Infographic Wine Packaging

Atipus, a Barcelona based graphic design studio was asked by Celler el Masroig to create the package design for their Vi Novell 2010. Atipus decided to put what’s inside the wine on the outside and created an infographic-like visual design for the label, the box and the coaster.


Ghost Counties

Earlier this year, and Eyeo made an open call for designers and developers to create an interactive portrait of America by visualizing the 2010 census data. Jan Willem Tulp, a freelance information visualizer based in The Netherlands has recently published his submission for the competition called Ghost Counties. The visualization, developed in Processing, analyzes the numbers of homes and vacant homes in proportion to the population of all counties in the United States of America.

Visualizing Voices of the Vulnerable

UN Global Pulse, an initiative by the United Nations and have teamed up to challenge you to visualize the voices of vulnerable populations in times of global crisis.

Personal Food Consumption Visualized in 40 Different Ways

Lauren Manning,  a New York based designer, explores various methods to visualize one single data set for her thesis. The data at hand is as basic as it gets: food consumed and has been gathered from two years of meticulous life documenting. She describes her reasoning behind the project as follows,

Visualizing All Bike Accidents in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Bay Citizen’s Bike Accident Tracker 2.0 gives access to 5 years worth of bicycle accident and collision data, which even includes information about the lighting and road conditions, the designated party at fault, or the type of parties involved (e.g. auto, bicyclist, etc.).

Museum of Me: an Online Exhibition of your Facebook Data

Intel’s Museum of Me is an online exhibition showing the visual archive of one’s social life, communicated through Facebook.

Visualizing 1,000 Nike+ Runs in New York City

As part of a university course with Nicholas Felton, graphic design student Cooper Smith recently produced a Nike Plus Visualization, showing the aggregated view of over 1,000 runs that were tracked by Nike+ between September 7 and December 21 of last year in the vicinity of New York City.


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