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15 Superb Theme Customizations Which Will Make You Love Windows Again

If you are bored of the old Windows look, then why not change it? I don’t mean to change the wallpaper or the pointer color, but a full customization which will dramatically change the design. If you are looking for a great theme, you should check out these 15 superb examples.

The Island Paradise Desktop

This desktop combines the pleasures of a desktop vacation with the functionality of having oft-used folders, controls, and information right on the desktop. Flickr user ashleyann56 built this desktop for a tropical, watery theme that that can take you away from the work you’re doing without taking you away from the information you need.


Stylish black skin with glass impact. Aero default themes edited clearly with a dark concept in certain parts.

The Green Leaves Desktop

This desktop comes from reader and Flickr user evildemonlady (a.k.a. Susan). It brings together nature and minimalism in one clean and attractive Windows XP desktop.

The Tokyo-Go-Go Desktop

DeviantART user tokyo-go-go created a wallpaper and comprehensive icon pack to get this great red and white on black theme.

Windows 8 themes in Windows 7

This transparent theme is designed to look like the next Windows iteration. It has a clean and minimalistic look.

The All-In Desktop

Christopher Yarrow has a desktop that reminds us of Windows Phone 7 and long nights at the blackjack tables in Vegas. With RSS on the desktop and widgets for Gmail, the weather, networking, and power, he’ll always know where he stands when the chips are down.

Windows 8 UX Pack 2.0

– Instantly dress up Windows 7 to upcoming Windows 8 in one minute
– Seemless installation and uninstallation giving user’s confidence and security in system
– Easily configurable in single click with intelligence Metro UI design
– UxStyle memory patching
– Windows 8 Aero, Aero Lite or Metro theme
– Instant M3 and Metro wallpaper/logon screen customization
– UserTile with current user auto-configured on login
– Metro UI desktop emulation with pre-configured gadgets
– Aero’s auto-colorization feature

Onyx VS

This theme is based on the original theme Plastiq Aero 2 and some parts of the theme Projectx 2 from windows vista.

8 skin pack

This is a cool pack which contains 8 superb skins and login screens.

Zune Mix

This custom theme gives you the feeling that you are working on a Zune, not on a PC. Is a very nice and smooth interface.

Windows Strata40

A very fluid customization which gives you a nice interface.

Aerosnap 7 Theme 

This theme is not heavily customized. Is is the classic windows 7 look but slightly enhanced.

OneWorld Theme For Windows 7 

OneWorld theme for Windows 7 is an attempt to change the look & feel of Windows 7 Beta by Windows Vista Club & Into Windows.

Vista pink pastel Theme Win7

This is a funny theme made for those who love pink. I’m not one but I still find this hilarious.

Tequilla for 7

This theme will make your Windows look like Apple OSX, so if you love mac’s interface design, you can convert your windows look and feel  into one.



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