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15 Stunning Business Cards from Famous People or Companies

No matter how popular or important you are, a business card is an important part to business etiquette. A great business card shows that you care about your company identity and you are interested in promoting it anywhere. In this article you can see a collection of 15 very impressive business cards from some of the biggest people from various types of industries or businesses  from Fidel Castro and all the way to Steve Wozniak. So, search for an online business card printing company and make some cool business cards for yourself.


Steve Jobs Apple VP Business Card, Circa 1979

Google Business Card

Twitter Business Card

Barack Obama Business Card as Senator

Microsoft Business Card

Donald Trump Business Card

Mozilla Business Cards

NASA Business Card circa 1960

Arnold Schwarzenegger Business Card as a Governor

Fidel Castro as a Prim Secretary

Richard Nixon Business Card with autograph

Hillary Clinton Business Card

Kofi Annan Business Card

Vintage Chanel Business Card

Neil Armstrong Business Card


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