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15 Incredible Microscopic Photos Of Everyday Life Objects

Have you ever thought that an object so trivial as a razor blade can be extremely interesting if viewed under a microscope? I had no clue how cool does a speck of dust looks  zoomed 22 million times or how similar are the human eyelashes with wiregrass if it`s 50x zoomed.

1950x zoom on a broken hair

1000x zoom on a vinyl

500x zoom on a gillette fusion II razor

350x zoom on a cd

20x zoom on a section of a circuit board

Heathland ant holding a microchip in its toothed mandibles

Dust, magnified 22million times

A corroded surface of a rusty metal nail

Cigarette paper – the blue crystals are additives that keep the lit cigarette burning by producing oxygen

A clutch of butterfly eggs sits on a raspberry plant

50x zoom of human eyelash hairs

A human head louse clings to a strand of hair

Surface of a silicon microchip

160x zoom on a mosquito head


Most pictures were taken from the book Microcosmos: Discovering the World Through Microscopic Images from 20 X to Over 22 Million X Magnification

This book is a journey into everyday life through spectacular microscopic images.

This substantial volume brings together extraordinary images produced through the latest technologies in microphotography. Most of the 205 stunning, full-color photographs have been taken using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), allowing us to see our world as never before.

Each image is a close-up that reveals remarkable forms, shapes and colors. The book is divided into six chapters that cover:
– Micro-organisms
– Zoology
– Botany
– Minerals
– The human body
– Technology

Every spread includes complete, informative captions that identify the photograph and describe both the image and the way in which it was captured.

With its stunning full-color photographs and text written in clear and accessible language, Microcosmos provides a fascinating journey of discovery.


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