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140+ Awesome Logo Identities Illustrated By Steven Noble

Steven Noble has created an extensive collection of logo identities that covers almost two decades worth (1991 -2012)  from large size multinational companies to small start-ups. The mediums and styles used vary from bold woodcuts to fine engravings and line art.

A good quality logo identity needs to follow what Steven Noble calls “the 3-5 second rule.” This rule means that the average person glances or looks at a visual logo for up to 3-5 seconds and therefore the message needs to translate quickly. If they can’t understand or translate what’s going on within that short timeframe then you know right away that it doesn’t work well as a logo identity in the long run. The general concensus is to keep things visually simple since the average attention span is very limited in today’s busy “attention grabbing” world. At the same time, it has be able to read across global and multicultural platforms and that will allow it to be able to trully survive the test of time…


















































































































































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