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14 Web Tools Used By Experts in 2016

To help you choose from the big amount of information that exists on the internet, we have selected the best online resources in developing that will let you deal with the real work and save you a lot of time or even provide you with the necessary skills to do things better than you could. We wish you a pleasant reading!

1. Codester

Codester is an online market for developers and designers where they can buy and sell reusable pieces of code to decrease the time they spend on a single project. You can get anything you might think right there: scripts written in all major languages (like Python, Java, C, C++ or PHP), app source codes for mobile (both iOS and Android) or desktop (in Unity), web templates in HTML5, website plugins for the top major blogging platforms (WordPress, Magento and Drupal, to name a few) and graphic assets (like mockups, icons and logos to reskin your apps). You can even get game assets to complete the game source code you bought from them. There are no transaction fees and you get everything licensed. Appart from buying, you can also sell your own products by opening a store on Codester yourself. You will receive 70% of every purchase you make and can keep selling on your own site. There is no need for you to make a minimum number of sales before getting your payment, like in other markets. You can also become a part of their affiliate program by sharing your own affiliate link and getting Codester promoted. You will receive 20% of any purchase the people which sign up with your link make. That’s a pretty way of creating yourself a passive income. With all these features, why wouldn’t you make an account on Codester?



2. Visme

Want to share more exciting and interesting content for your audience? Do you have many ideas that you would love to see represented on different works? With Visme, you can now turn your thoughts into real infographics, presentations or banner ads, everything in just a few minutes. How is that possible?

Firstly, you get a simple and easy to use dashboard that has all the options you need incorporated. Then, the editor interface is sleek and very user friendly. At the same time, it’s packed with features. Not only can you choose from plenty of infographic and banner ad templates,  but it gives you full freedom at the editing part. You have many customization options including editing, deleting and moving objects. In addition, you are given a huge range of free images, fonts, icons and infographic visuals. And the most exciting part? Objects can be animated & given special effects, fact that will give life to your work. Taking all of these into consideration, no wonder why every design made with Visme is unique (and not even expensive!).



PSD2HTML® is here for you in order to help you turn that great graphic web design into HTML and its extensions. It is the perfect choice for someone who needs work to be done fast, with high quality, semantic and valid code, that will give life to the website of their dreams.

Some of the services they provide you are front-end development (PSD to HTML Conversion), CMS-based development (PSD to WordPress but also Shopify, Magento, Drupal etc) and email templates (PSD to Email). The ordering is a very easy part, as it all happens from a single web page! All you have is to upload your file, give them your email address and any notes you have about the design, then select from a bunch of options. They will immediately get in touch with you, asking questions and giving a lot of useful feedback.

Apart from this, their prices reflect the hard work and the professional attitude. If you’re thinking at other options, such as a software tool or hiring an individual freelancer, PSD2HTML® is definitely the best option, because you will get solid customer service, and a fast turnaround time with results that look very much like the design you send in. A big like for their services !


4. Simbla

Is creating and managing responsive website applications in an online database environment based on a drag and drop system what you are searching for? Check out Simbla’s new online database available on Online database.  Simbla has the solutions to all the problems your business might face and allows you to easily create your own custom web applications and database driven websites. You will have a responsive website that will host your web apps and talk with your database. When it comes to building a professional web app or website, you need the best tools by your side to help you with such a complicated mission so take a look on Simbla’s website and you might definitely end up using it!


5. Themify

If you want for your blog a theme ease of use, good selection of pre-built layouts, and wide range of styling options then you definitely have to try Themify builder plugin is a great choice for anyone who wants to create custom page and post layouts, as well as their own archive pages and homepage designs, without editing any code.


6. HotGloo

HotGloo is one of the best known wireframing and user experience testing tools online, with a stunning clients list, from Disney to Behance. They offer a wide range of pre-build elements to get you started very easily. It runs directly in your favorite browser and it’s also mobile-optimized, so you can edit and review your work at any time on any device. They offer a 15 days free trial so you have plenty of time to test.


7. Droplr

Droplr not only helps you store and share anything you want within the app, but also it creates a short link for every item individually, connecting your desktop to your browser and social media. It is incredible how you can fluctuate between platforms, as if they are all tied together or part of the same unit. Keeping everyone in touch and informed has never been easier.


8 codepad

By now it might seem the online code editors have all you need. But Codepad comes with something new: following and timelines. You can travk other developers’ progress on their public projects simultaneously. And if your code is great, you might even get a job offer for some firm or person in need. So start writing lines of HTML and JS and have total control over the past code, with their version control. Share and creat collection, for your best experience.


9 HostTracker

Wouldn’t it be much easier to receive notifications every time something happens with your website? Thanks to Host-Tracker, that can be possible! It is an awesome website monitoring platform that provides its users with a lot of useful tools, such as database tests, maintenance scheduling, smart reports and statistics or just simple checking if a web page is on. Check them out and you can be one of the over 40000 customers using Host-Tracker!


10. Redbooth

Redbooth is the virtual workspace where your favorite apps meet and combine, in order to make your life a lot easier. E-mails, files, to do lists and many more are now put all together in one single project management and collaboration platform, whose main goal is to simplify your working process, by communicating better with your team mates. This way, everything gets done faster, as people focus more on their tasks, not wasting any more time getting lost in papers and information scattered across multiple apps.


11 Invoice Ninja

Being able to create invoices online is pretty impressive, but what Invoice Ninja does in addition is to actually keep you updated with the client’s notification process. It sends you alerts via e-mail when the invoice is sent, viewed, paid and so on. This way, also, you can be in control of your payments, avoiding delays. It is definitely essential to be aware of any action your client makes towards your company and Invoice Ninja helps you out on this one.


12. Colorlib

For all gourmets out there who want to create a blog about food you definitely have to try Soledad theme by Colorlib. Soledad has more than 250 customizable visual options and for the body, there are 4 variations: boxed with color, body full width, body boxed pattern, and body boxed image. This theme has 2 mega menu versions: Columns Mega Menu, and Category Mega Menu and gives you the possibility to implement video backgrounds, instead of static images.

13. wpDataTables


Want to create responsive tables or charts in Word Press in no time, with no coding skills at hand? wpDataTables, the plugin from, is the perfect choice for you! It is a data manager plugin that lets you add charts, spreadsheets, and tables to your content, improving them with the good range of features it has. For instance, you can pull table data from any source, from Excel to MySQL, or even edit tables both from front-end and back-end. Besides this, there are many others which you can discover if you check their website! :)



If you want a transparent and different web development agency, xfive might be the best fit for you. One of its purposes is to ensure its production process is clear for you and they are available for any questions you have. Its team also has an unique way of solving problems, being adaptable to your needs and requirements and trying as much as they can to understand you and fulfil your expectations.

And to add more fun to our 14 excellent resources, we’re presenting a new, fun geek comic by Browserling:


For our ending, we bring you a series of programming jokes you should definitely have a look at. A new programming comic by Browserling, an online JavaScript testing company.  Rather smart, funny and thought provoking, their jokes will put a smile on your face. Doesn’t matter what’s your IT job, they’ve jokes about IE, Firefox and other browsers, CSS, Vim, Linux and a bunch more. They got you covered. So, what are you waiting for? Go to and laugh while your code compiles.

Now that you have successfully read our list of recommendations, you can consider yourself one step closer to being a more professional designer or developer, as these little magic tools will boost the productivity of your work and will give you a big advantage towards your competitors. All you have to do is to come up with those great ideas that will add originality, and the rest is assured. :)


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