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12 Tools To Make You More Efficient

Every day we are in a hurry to start or end a project. Nowadays, time is the most valuable resource and anything can bring us some free time, is gold. These 12 tools that we’ve collected are efficent in their domain, maybe the best, and it will help you get time and outstanding results.



You are organising such a great event and you want everyone to come. In order to come, one must pay their ticket. What if you could manage all these tickets digitally with only a few clicks? It’s no joke, but this is what you can do with Tickera and we find it pretty amazing.

Tickera is a WordPress plugin which takes care of the selling and the delivery of your tickets to the customers. It can be easily used directly from your website and it also has the option of fusioning with the well-known and most-used WooCommerce, resulting in what they call Bridge for WooCommerce. This gives you many features, from the possibility of creating tickets inside WooCommerce to the ability to design your tickets using the efficient drag & drop template builder.

The payment methods vary and you are given over one hundred payment gateways, such as,, Braintree, PayGate, PayPal, Mollie, KOMOJU and many others. These help you process, verify, and accept or decline credit card transactions. In addition, right after purchasing a ticket, your costumers will get the standard WooCommerce “Order Completed” e-mail with the download link to your tickets. You will constantly be in touch with your customers and if you will feel you need to know more about them, you can use the Tickera Custom Forms and add whatever you want to find out besides name and e-mail. Check it out and tell us what you think!



Have you ever lost your files and had no chance of taking them back? Backblaze has you covered, thanks to its great backup system that works well on almost any device: from iOS to Android, from Windows 7 and newer to Intel-based Mac OSX 10.6 and newer. It is so popular due to its ease-of-useness and low-cost. If you install it, you will gain unlimited backup of your files, no matter the size or the number, at a really fast backup speed. How is that possible? Backblaze optimizes your Internet connection, backing up as quickly as bandwidth allows, resulting in… Guess what? Your utmost satisfaction! Furthemore, it comes with many restore options of your files, for instance the possibility to receive your files back via FedEx on a USB Flash Drive for $99/128GB or a USB Hard Drive for $189/up to 4TB. If we haven’t convinced you yet, you should try their mobile access option, which makes it easy as pie to view your files on the go, from anywhere in the world and eventually share them with your friends or colleagues.



If you haven’t heard of ShrinkTheWeb until now it’s about time. This is a service that helps you take screenshots automatically, directly from the server, thanks to its perfect plugin integration. You can use it with lots of server-side languages, like the well-known PHP or the faster Ruby on Rails, or even with a dozen of plugins(for WordPress , Django and others). By making a pro account, where each feature is $10/month, you can get some things you’ll love. Some of them are full-length and custom sizes captures, for getting the most out of your website. The private label service is even more interesting, letting you add your own logo as the placeholder, turning the image into a valuable piece of marketing product. And it’s all about advertising, isn’t that so? By using this service along with MailChimp, you can get the best customer approach possible. Now you should go check this site, add content to yours and start the publicity.



Searching for website builders, we came across and shortly came to the conclusion that is one of the best, if not the best online. For 65$ you can get a lifetime license, that comes with great features: drag-and-drop layout editor, CSS live editor and one-click plugin install and update. Functionality has never been less a reason for stress because you can manage your workflow, your layout and your posting by choosing from the thousands of widgets for tables, headings, footers, slide shows and share buttons, among many others. So nothing can be stripped off anymore to make your designs more easy and efficient. Go visit them right now and have an amazing experience!



Want to develop your business by making it online, but you have no idea how to make a website and you probably do not want to spend a lot of money on this? Simbla Website Builder has read your toughts, because it fulfils your wishes, by providing you with a free drag-and-drop website builder, that will help you create an unique, new and modern website for your business. With secure servers and many good reviews, we strongly recommend it to you!


6 comes with a number of features you will find very useful, apart from their themes that can boost you to use the best ideas you have.  You can make a beautifully designed Word Press site with a split scrolling feature, column layout styling , parallax and many other implementations you didn’t even know they exist. You have a look.



For better organising of your company’s work, you should try out TeamDesk, an online software which lets you create database for your team, where you can all share important project information, thus gaining a better cooperation and understandment of the recent problems. The system consists in two modes: User mode and Setup mode, which you can alternate to see the changes.



Want to know what do your users think about your website? With Hotjar, this is possible! It is the best analytics tool, that helps you understand how your visitors see you website, through numerous features, some of them being the Conversion Funnels, which show you when do your users leave your site or Visitor Recordings, that show your visitor’s clicks, taps and mouse movements.



Your site can look amazing on mobile browsers and devices by using Mobirise, an offline programme that will let you build a small/medium refined-looking, mobile-friendly website in no time for free without being tied to a particular service provider. This way, you won’t limit yourself to only one platform, but you will be able to publish your website to a local drive, FTP or host on Amazon S3, Google Drive or Github.



This service is also designed for all the non-advanced users out there, that have no coding experience. Therefore, the uKit platform will give users the chance to create a website using a really simple and easy-to-use method, while still having many great features to choose from, such as a lot of beautifully designed themes, CallBack Widget or MailChimp. How could it not be rated as one of the best on by Howard Steele?



Xfive will help you solve your web development problems, in no time and with close attention to detail. Thus, you will benefit of a completely fresh, new and amazing website, that will for sure enlighten your users. If you don’t believe us, then some clients who have tried it can tell you the same thing, like ebay, FOX, Twitter, Threadless, or Microsoft.



With over 8,000,000 sites built, IM Creator is a fast and intuitive website builder, that give the chance to anyone to create a site in a matter of minutes. It is available for all and it is mainly free, but you can still choose from some of their pricing methods, such as the one for students, artists & non-profits, which is free or the one special for business and commercial use, that is $7.95/month. It’s your choice!



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