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11Hilarious “404 Not Found” Pages Based On Famous Movie Quotes

We all have a favourite movie and a favourite quote, I’m sure of this. It’s that single line from the entire play that sticks in your mind forever and which comes out from time to time, mostly accompanied by a good laugh. For example, when I can’t find my car keys I’m starting to say “there is no spoon” and after that I’m giving up and ask my girlfriend where did I put them.

Now, coming bag to the famous or infamous “404 error” pages, most of the time we prefer avoiding them because they bring only pain and suffering to us, the internet readers. It’s like that time when your friend said “dude, check out this awesome piece of…car” and the link didn’t worked because somehow a character was missing. It’s awful, right? Well, the web designer secret guild believes that if they are using funny 404 pages then we will not get mad. We will just smile and return to either search for that missing information either to give up on our quest of finding what we are looking for. Sometimes they nail it, sometimes they don’t. The guys from definitively managed to nail it because now I only want to see missing page. Why? Well, they mixed up a typical 404 error page with famous movie quotes.

Here are some hilarious examples:

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