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10 Very Useful jQuery Plugins For Browser Tweaks

When we have a browser compatibility problem with our website, we use CSS to fix it. Modern browsers have very good support for it and it’s certainly good enough for you to use CSS to control layout and presentation. Sometimes however, this hack is not enough and we must try something more drastic. For those kind of problems, you can use jQuery because it’s easy to use and to implement. That’s why today I wanted to show you 10 jQuery solutions that may come in handy.


Activity Monitor

A jQuery plugin that renders a translucent activity indicator (spinner) using SVG or VML.

jQuery serverBrowser Plugin

Plugin for jQuery javascript library that allow to browse server files, or show other tree-based information in dialog window. This plugin is simple to use and lightweight, but you need to check requirements before using it. When you need to upload large files into your web application, but web server configuration do not allow you to upload files more than 10Mb, you can upload this file on the server via ftp, and select it on the server directly with the help of this plugin. This plugin can be used with standard file upload control, if it can be correctly processed on the server.

jQuery Browser Extension to detect IPhone and IPad Safari browser

This is a simple solution to know if the device we are using is an Iphone or an Ipad.

manyMail Plugin

If you do a bit of web development you’ll no doubt know you can use the mailto attribute in a hyperlink to bring up the e-mail client installed on the user’s computer (if there is one). This is great if you use Outlook or Thunderbird, but what if your e-mail is web based like Gmail or Hotmail? Yup, you’re a bit stumped. This is where manyMail comes in; it provides an interactive user interface for sending e-mails from your website.

Jquery Constant Footer

The jQuery Constant Footer project is a plugin for the jQuery JavaScript Framework, which glues a footer to the bottom of the browser window. It can also optionally display a scroll of articles from an RSS feed on the same domain.

Brosho ‘Design in the Browser’ jQuery Plugin

With this Plugin you can style your markup right in your browser with a build-in element selector and CSS editor. Generate the CSS code of altered elements with one click and use it in your own stylesheet.

jReject: jQuery Browser Rejection

jReject provides a simple, robust, light-weight way to display rejections based on a the browser, specific browser version, specific platforms, or rendering engine. Provides full customization of the popup. Uses no CSS file (by default), and can easily be used on page load or during a specific page event. Also provides a flexible way to beautifully and cleanly display custom browser alternatives in the popup.

Fixing IE overflow problem

IE has a different implementation of overflow compared to Firefox or Safari. In particular, Firefox et al, when overflowing an element, it puts the horizontal overflow scroll bar on the outside of the element. Because the content overflows horizontally in IE, the new horizontal scroll bar means we can’t see all the content vertically, thus generating a vertical scroll bar.

Achieving Rounded Corners in Internet Explorer

Unfortunately, CSS3 border-radius is only supported by Safari and Firefox, leaving browsers such as Internet Explorer to gracefully degrade to square corners. DD_roundies library offers a new approach to bringing rounded corners to Internet Explorer. DD_roundies works with selectors – much like jQuery – this capability allows for a very convenient mapping to jQuery UI’s CSS Framework classes, and allows us to apply DD_roundies to jQuery UI in a few short lines.


Implements keyword shortcut keys for website.


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