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10 Very Useful iPhone Photography Tutorials For The Artist In You

Nowadays, almost everybody has an iPhone or an Android and in many cases when something interesting appears in front of us, the first thing we do is to pull out our phone and to capture it. The technology has evolved so much that today we have phone cameras with more than 8 mega-pixels so it is obvious that photo tutorials are more than welcomed.

In this article you can see 10 useful iPhone photo tutorials that will help you apply some techniques which are already being used in the “real” photo industry such as the rule of the thirds, the enhancing of DoF or HDR.

1. The rule of the thirds in iPhone Photography

1. iphone photo tutorial

This tutorial is made by Emil Pakarklis, a passionate so-called iPhoneographer.

There is a saying that no editing can turn a bad photo into a good one, so the first step in creating a spectacular photo is capturing it right. It turns out that the quality of any photo is largely determined by its composition, so that’s what we’ll be covering first. One of the key principles in any form of photography is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds uses gridlines, which are lines splitting the photo in three equal parts, to determine where the main subjects of the photo should be placed.

2. Fotomecha

2. iphone tutorial

This is a tutorial in which you will learn how to take multiple exposures and put them into grids.

3. How to change a light photo to a dark, dramatic scene

3. iphone photo tutorial

Sometimes all it takes a couple of steps to dramatically change the look of a photograph. In this 3-step tutorial we’ll change a daylight photo into a dramatic, darker image using Camera+ and add a bit of grunge at the end using one of my favourite apps PicGrunger.

4. How to take amazing macro photos with your iPhone

4. iphone photo tutorial

Macro photography is, by definition, close-up photography, but that doesn’t mean you can get as close as you want. If you get too close, the lens will not be able to achieve a focus. I don’t know the exact distance, but somewhere around 4 inches is the minimum focus distance of the iPhone’s lens. So if you’re struggling with locking a focus, back up.

 5. How to create a striking silhouette using Snapseed & Photoshop Express

5. iphone photo tutorial

In this illustrated tutorial you will learn how to create a dramatic silhouette starting from a color image by adjusting brightness and contrast using Photoshop Express and Snapseed.

6. How to add drama to a portrait with Black & White

6. iphone photo tutorial

A great, quick step black and white tutorial by Xavier Reya about how to create a moody and dramatic portrait from a colour photograph using just 3 apps.

7. How to create a conceptual image mixing digital collage techniques, textures and filters

7. iphone photo tutorial

The author will show will show you how he assemble and process photos creatively to create conceptually captivating imagery that goes beyond the individual “matter-of-fact” shot.

8. How to blend images using the HDR technique

8. iphone photo tutorial

In this article you will learn hot to blend an image using the HDR technique on an iphone.

9. Basic iPhone Photography tips on Exposure, Focus and White Balance

9. iphone photo tutorial

In these two down-n-dirty video screencasts you will learn the benefits of locking exposure, focus and or white balance. I thought I would take a few minutes to briefly explain.

10. How to enhance the deep of field in iPhone photography

10. iphone photo tutorial

In this tutorial the author use Tiltshift Gen to create a shallow depth of field. Reducing the depth of field is a great way to put emphasis on a subject.


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