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10 Good Places For Online Web Design Training

Interested in learning how to build web sites or improve your web design skills? There’s a wealth of resources for you, all in one place, here at Top Design Mag. Take your time and prioritize what you need to learn first, so you can identify the best website that suits you.

This smart showcase covers tutorials for web design training, HTML, CSS but also JavaScript . You will find good reference materials, well structured that will easily help you learn what you need. In other words, all you need is coffee and time. 

01. W3Schools

2. Khan Academy

3. Stackoverflow


5. Google Code University

6. Mozilla School of Webcraft

7. Smashing Magazine

8. Codecademy

9. Webdesigntuts+

10. Udacity


Alexandru is the co-owner of TopDesignMag. “If it looks easy, it's hard. If it looks hard, it's impossible. If it looks impossible, it's due tomorrow. At 8 A.M.”