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10 Electronic Art Magazines Worth Reading

If you don’t want to buy one or you just don’t like the idea of a paper magazine, then you should consider searching for e-zines. Finding great stuff is hard because the main problem with the free online magazines is the continuity: a lot of them are closed after one or two numbers. In this article you can find 10 publications which are very good and popular in artistic circles.

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PONCZ ( some people understand it as Punch to drink others as hitting someone – all this is ok). For us Poncz is a non-profit photography magazine were we try to do things differently. Every issue expresses our personal passion and creative thinking. Our Poncz is a collection of photographs and our unusual visions what are presented in every issue.

Unless you will, curated and founded by Heidi Romano, is an online journal that showcases a vision within photo-based art. Her goal is to bring together a collection of notable photographers from around the world and present their work.

Woof Magazine is an electronic magazine with 3 main topics: art, illustrations and photography.

Cyclic Defrost is Australia’s only specialist electronic music magazine. We cover independent electronic music, avant-rock, experimental sound art and leftfield hip hop. We have no interest in fashion spreads, alcohol or clothing advertising, nor do we accept advertising in the guise of ‘editorial’.

P+M magazine is FREE PDF zine + MP3 for a photograph and music lovers. The text is written in Japanese and English.

bitFUUL [bit fōōl] Magazine is a FREE online PDF publication that showcases various alternative forms of art and photography. Our growing base of contributors (from 35+ countries) provide us with the artwork, photography, poetry, music, illustrations, and other imaginative masterpieces that you see.

Font is FontShop’s acclaimed print publication of typography and design.

GizMag is a web magazine of everything design. Inspirational stuff is posted every day. A new web issue is published every week. And every few months a free PDF is published including handwritten interviews and artwork.




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